Creative Design and Art Direction

 Nathaniel Pegowski, Creative Director/Designer

It takes a special kind of passion to collaborate, strategize, and translate a message into effective visual symbolic language that produces results. My creative education started in graphic design at the College for Creative Studies and completed at Kendall College of Art and Design. Achieving a well-rounded education in design and theory, I have won awards working with global corporations as well as large to small agencies. During my time off, I give back to the community by helping in humanitarian projects and spending time with nature.

Design Process:

Systems Thinking Processes Create Design Strategies for Greater User Experience.

Applying these processes throughout every project generates targeted design solutions delivering desired user outcomes. Let's collaborate in the design Processes for Evolution and Growth.

Systems Thinking In Action

The User

Design from the user’s point of view. Understanding that the user is influenced by a complex system of experiences that shape the overall user behavior. This will resonate with the user on a deeper level, which ultimately drives behavior change.


Working Together

Collaboration is a productive way to be creative. It allows the flexibility to weave design into the fabric of business.



Good design is a powerful tool. The aim is to design for the life cycle of brands, products, services, and programs. But most importantly, shifting the focus from designing “things” to designing outcomes. The result is a lasting change for business and the user.




Logo and Identity System Design

Style Guides and Branding Guidelines

Strategy Development

Project and Production Management

Promotion Development

Print Advertising

Annual Reports

Sales Kits and Sell Sheets

Outdoor Advertising

Direct Mail

Transit Advertising

Point of Purchase

Brochure Design

Poster Design


Print Collateral Design

Book and Cover Design

Catalog Design

Packaging Design

Trade Show Booth Design

Vehicle Graphic Design

Website Design and Development

Digital Marketing

Social Media Design

Email Campaigns

Digital Ad Design

Blog Content Creation

Presentation Design

Banner Ad Campaigns


For full details of my professional experience and technical knowledge, download my resume, or please visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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