American Seating

In collaboration with the Principal at Anderson Design


American Seating’s history began in 1886 and is still thriving today. This longevity has made them an icon in the auditorium, educational, sports, and transportation seating. Partnering with American Seating, we supported this world leader in a variety of ways, including brand strategy, design, advertising, presentations, product launches, trade show graphics, installations, photography, and production management that gained greater ROI.


American Seating’s 125 year furniture manufacturing history installation called “Seating America” displayed in the Grand Rapids Public Museum. This installation was designed to be informative, showcasing timelines, historical and modern photography, physical furniture from those periods, and video to tell their complete story.

American Seating 125 Year History Instal
American Seating 125 Year History Instal
American Seating 125 Year History Instal


After years of showcasing in temporary spaces at NeoCon, American Seating took a permanent residence to display its new Us Chair Family. We not only assisted in the installations design and information graphics but also developed the marketing materials to promote the Us Chair Family. 

NeoCon Us Showroom web.jpg
Us Family of Chairs and Logo web.jpg
Us Chair and Table Family Brochure Cover
Us Chair Brochure Spread 1.jpg
Us Chair Brochure Spread 2.jpg
Us Chair Sell Sheet Image Final.jpg