Infor Global Solutions

Infor is a multi-national enterprise software company that focuses on a wide range of business applications for organizations. As their Senior Graphic Designer collaborating with the Creative Director, our focus was to lead, create, and manage all supportive assets for the brand and its standards. Our department’s clients ranged from 32 different countries. One of the many projects I participated in was finding a better way to produce marketing materials for such a diverse range of clients with multiple languages. I assisted in the administration of the Publish-On-Demand System by designing an extensive number of electronic collateral templates and managing the image library. This internet application allowed our clients to produce materials where they resided while keeping brand consistency.


We examined different design directions to develop a refreshed, contemporary presence. This pitch included design explorations for messaging, brand identity systems, typographic parameters, color palettes, collateral, advertisements, informational graphics, image library, tradeshow booths and events, websites, and corporate branding guidelines.

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This particular annual corporate event introduced “enterprising connections,” the visual theme highlighted active and engaged individuals against a backdrop of collaboration, connection, networking, learning, and community, with the enterprising spirit serving as the connective thread. The materials produced extended the Inforum look-and-feel, using imagery and typography to boldly brand the event and create a distinctly Infor context for the Inforum experience.

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