Other Projects

Not all projects require a dedicated study, but some still deserve acknowledgment. These visual design projects, from website redesign, collateral materials, to identities reside in this category.

Lake Michigan Academy

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In collaboration with the Principal at Anderson Design

The mission of Lake Michigan Academy is to transform lives by empowering students with learning differences to achieve their full potential. The partnership was to create a greater educational awareness that included design explorations for brand identity, typographic parameters, website design, color palettes, and collateral.

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In collaboration with the Principal at Anderson Design

Amerikam is a Michigan-based precision machining manufacturing company that designs, manufactures, and develops flow control products. For their new product launch of upscale customizable bath and fixtures, they collaborated with us for targeting this niche market to produce collateral materials, built environment sets for product photography, and an extensive product and employee photo library for use in various applications.

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Individuals, communities, and businesses express their individuality through their identity. It is a brand's greatest asset creating a personal connection of loyalty and ownership to a service or product.

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